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What type of portfolio is best for you?

When constructing a portfolio for you we will consider the time horizon you have before you could need to realise investments. We have built up an impotant specialisation in assessing risk and return when constructing portfolios for our clients. We will also look at your needs for income either now or in the future.

We will fully consider the tax implications of any mixture of investments. This would include recommendations to uitlise your ISA, pensions and other reliefs where these can be used to enhance portfolio returns.


Alternative Investments


There are a wide range of choices available to investors looking for diversification and willing to accept higher risk.

These include investment in art and music, in wine and other speciality sectors. Some sectors which are considered alternative investments may involve less risk such as woodlands and forestry, and can provide extra tax breaks.

Please contact us for further advice on investment strategies


Risk Profiling


Every Aspin valuation carries with it a risk profile. Each asset class and sector carries with it an individual risk rating. As a result of this an average risk rating can be calculated for the portfolio as a whole. This feeds through into an investment model reflecting your own requirements which can be updated depending on market conditions and your circumstances.

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