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  • Q1. What is different about the service at Aspin and why should we use you?
    At the Aspin Group we believe that for financial advice to have any added value it must be completely free of any bias. That is why we do not have any contractual relationships with institutions or companies that would be likely to influence the advice we give clients. Unlike most Independent Financial Advisers we like to pass back commission where ever possible to our clients. The basis for all fees and charges a client pays for new business carried out by us are agreed in advance and contained in a written agreement. This results in much higher quality advice being available since we are free to provide clients with the best ideas and products in the market at great prices! At Aspin we also believe that the greatest asset we have is the relationship we have with our clients. With many of our client relationships going back over three decades, this time span speaks volumes about the quality and depth of service we provide. Aspin is dedicated to providing this same unique service to clients whether they have been with us for ten days or ten years. We provide advice tailor made to each client’s personal life choices and circumstances and have developed a broad range of services to look after all our client's needs. This means that where ever possible we like to get to know our clients and their needs before we do business with them. We aim to enhance individual client choices through in depth technical expertise and do not rely upon pre-determined computer generated solutions. We strongly favour independent advice as a guarantee of our total objectivity. As a result you can have total confidence in a service specifically designed for your best interests.
  • Q2. With things looking so uncertain at the moment is planning ahead really practical ?
    The future is by definition uncertain and so it has been since the beginning of time. Present difficulties do of course look like the most challenging we have faced in many generations, however that does not make them impossible to resolve. Planning ahead in these conditions becomes more important than ever because it gives you more time to make any necessary changes to any plans you make now.
  • Q3. What on my wish list is possible or impossible?
    Your personal objectives can generally be described as realistic when you have the resources and time to achieve them. Your resources can be described as your assets capable of providing long term investment returns, your income and the professional advice available to help in making correct decisions. The amount of return that is needed will be coloured by the risk factor you are comfortable with in terms of returns available.
  • Q4. What is likely to make the difference between success and failure?
    Planning, preparation and persistence are probably the most important factors in achieving favourable out comes. Planning involves refining your objectives in detail so you know what you want to achieve and what are your priorities. Preparation is about deciding what resources you need to achieve given objectives. Sourcing materials and services in the most effective way. Developing and monitoring a financial plan and making necessary future changes to meet your objectives. Persistence involves giving yourself enough time to achieve objectives. Being prepared to recognise and correct mistakes so that the end result achieved is satisfactory.
  • Q5. What rate of return can I expect by investing?
    Any rate of return will vary depending on the level of risk you wish to take and the time span over which funds can be invested. From academic studies we know returns can be affected by the growth rate in the economy, inflation and the real rate of return demanded by investors for taking risk.
  • Q6. Are the costs of professional advice worthwhile?
    Your professional advisers should be a very important part of your personal team. If they help you make the correct decisions to provide better and more effective outcomes then any cost should be very worthwhile. Sadly much advice is being provided based on incorrect principles. We believe the advice being provided by Aspin is a step change in building a new and progressive client professional partnership that is much more likely to be rewarding. Much of the advice generally available at present is provided using an outworn product based corporate business model. Aspin is pioneering an unbiased private advice model based on your individual situation and requirements. Our professional charges have a direct relationship to your success.
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