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Life Management


A seminar which explains a unique approach to support individuals in life and financial choices

We believe most people are not given support by their advisors to help them match their life goals and preferences with their financial strategies and plans.

In our view this is of paramount importance. If you are fortunate to have enough capital to offer the prospect of independence, shouldn’t this be helping you live the life you want to lead?

In practice life choices can mean making difficult decisions. In making the right choices most people need a few prompts and advice to help them make life planning decisions as much as they need help to make financial choices.

So we’ve developed a new service, which we believe will be uniquely helpful, where we draw on not only financial skills but life coaching skills, and give proper attention to shaping clients’ life choices as the driver of their financial/investment strategies.

We are very pleased to offer a series of informal seminars aimed at giving people a good understanding of our unique approach and how it works, and also introducing some of the big ‘life questions’ and how people can help themselves to address these properly.

The Seminar will address:
  • How does this approach work?
  • What life questions do I need to address?
  • How do I work out my own recipe for a fulfilling life?
  • How might this change my financial/investment strategies?
By appointment:
August 2014London
September 2014London
November 2014Brighton

To express interest in one of the seminars, or if you want to find out more, please contact us.