Business Planning

Management Consulting – when you are considering future plans for a business it is of invaluable help for the directors or partners to get an independent view of the best course of action to maximise future profit potential. Aspin Corporate Services has been helping companies with business strategy and planning issues for over three decades so we can offer a wealth of experience. We also have a wide range of contacts which can be very useful in building a team to provide whatever help is needed to satisfy any related corporate development plans.

Sometimes corporate issues result in differences of opinion at board level that are difficult to resolve so often an outside view can help achieve necessary solutions.

Other areas where consulting is often required includes marketing, stress testing strategies, reviewing the relationship between a company and its customers etc.

Business continuity

The process of passing the business from one generation to the next can be fraught with difficulty. Such business succession planning involves difficult choices and some outside help is often a great advantage. Aspin can help by providing ongoing support for those either retiring or continuing in a consultancy role as well as helping in the future direction of the business.

Key person protection – businesses are often greatly disadvantaged when a key person dies or is disabled. Aspin can advise on which individuals should be covered and for how much. As independent advisers we can get the best rates in the market to reduce the costs the business will spend.

Share purchase and sales schemes – when a director or partner dies with substantial equity in a business this can mean that relatives or trustees have board representation but this is often highly disadvantageous to the future development of the business. The solution is to put in place the right insurance to buy out the estate of deceased partners or directors. Aspin can help set up polices written in the correct way to solve this problem.

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Business Planning